We are here to help your organizations members became critical thinkers

In today’s world of work, information is increasing at an exponential rate and most facts and figures are available at the click of a mouse. It is therefore particularly important that workers and future workers can think clearly about the ever-increasing amount of information that most of them will encounter. Members of the 21st-century workforce need critical thinking skills so that they can categorize and assess information, make high-quality decisions and recognize and solve problems. People who think critically do not simply accept assumptions and arguments; they examine them by asking “critical” questions. Critical thinkers are able to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant material and draw valid conclusions based on data and sound reasoning. Critical thinking is essential to making good decisions, solving complex problems, and developing innovations and workplace strategies.

We provide various workshops and interactive lectures online or at schools, universities, private companies, festivals in a variety of formats about topics like critical thinking, logical fallacies, cognitive biases, science literacy and media literacy. We create value for our of clients by fulfilling their specific needs. Even though our main beneficiaries are youth we also provide services to individuals and organizations working in the education sector, business and the military.

For any inquiries please contact Šarūnas Bačiliūnas the president of "Skeptic Youth".

Email: sarunas@skepticyouth.com Phone: +370 646 03343